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Countless are the debates, projects, and political decisions that strive to bring newcomers and migrants into the Swedish labour market. What have we achieved? How can we continue to improve this process?

As part of project Migrascope, SwIdeas together with the Action Research Center for a Resilient Society organised workshops with employers, migrants, public authorities and NGOs to assess together what has been done so far and what we can do to continue to foster integration and inclusion in the Swedish labour market.

Below, we’ve published their vision for a more inclusive workplace and our process.

Migrascope Report: How can we make our employment processes and workplaces more open and inclusive?

Sweden, An Inclusive Labour Market? 


Richness in Diversity

As part of project Migrascope, SwIdeas together with Nova Fahem interviewed employers and migrants on their perspective on labour market integration and how it could be improved.  

The project aims to to increase access to work and foster the inclusion of migrants into the labour market through study-visits to inclusive workplaces, exchanging experiences and capacity building. The project is co-financed by the European Union's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and is being carried out in 7 EU countries, led by the Institute of Baltic Studies in Estonia. 


Richness in Diversity is a KA2 Strategic Partnership in the field of youth between SwIdeas (Sweden), Youth Union of People with Initiative (Portugal) and Crossing Borders (Denmark) co-funded by ERASMUS+. This short video is a compiling an overview on the main activities which took place during the project in Denmark, Portugal and Sweden.

The project aimed to develop new diversity perspectives and strategies for social inclusion among the partner organisations and to build the capacity of young immigrants from diverse backgrounds in diversity and project management. 


Diversify!- CER project

In 2016, the Diversity in Creative Industries project (CER project) hosted it’s second Diversify! event in Malmö, Sweden. CER project works to promote diversity within the creative industries and the event brought together young creative professionals, artists, musicians, policy makers and leading figures in the cultural sphere.

The project was a KA2 Strategic Partnership between SwIdeas and the organisations Capture22 (Netherlands) and Euroaccion (Spain) co-funded by the EU via Erasmus+.