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Our unit for Development services provides specialized short- and long-term technical assistance, as well as professional expertise in analytical and field projects in the following thematic areas:


Project Management and Development

Within the field of Development services SwIdeas provides both advisory services and operates practical project management. This is via multi-lateral collaboration with various international organisations, national agencies, and enterprises focusing on social or community development. We understand the importance of effective execution; especially in international environments where project management is executed across nation borders.

Our co-workers are well-experienced project developers, and we are working with innovative ways from the first idea until the finished proposal. As practitioners we implement coherent project management methodology composed of interrelated set and bundles of processes combined by default and standardized documentation deliverables. Our engagements are committed to deliver our projects on time, desired quality, as contracted, meeting our clients’ satisfaction, and knowledge transfer. Our work is based on the motto that knowledge transfer is one of the most important aspects of a project to ensure sustainable and enduring results, and we do believe that collaboration makes us stronger and drives change.

Socially responsible enterprises and international development

The private sector plays an important role in community development; not only because it generates job opportunities and economic growth, but also for the ability to create sustainable solutions to global problems. Cooperation between the private sector, national agencies and NGO’s is crucial to get effects that society at large supports, and not just a tool to facilitate uncritical growth. However, a number of guidelines are adopted by both private and public sectors, but tangible impacts have proved difficult to achieve.

SwIdeas provides assistance to nonprofit organizations, the private sector and governmental organizations for improved development and CSR implementation. We work with different tools to make things happen among various stakeholders.

  • We sketch with our partners the tools to promote responsible business practices in areas as labour relations, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • We put the pieces together to fine tune the strategic scope in-order to harmonise the interventions and be guided by more systematic learning of lessons.
  • We work to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the local aspect.
  • We know how to seek out reliable, representative and accountable domestic partners who can drive reform programmes and help catalyse change.
  • We work with communities and promote structured and inclusive public-private dialogue, at national and local levels, so as to bring micro and small entrepreneurs and informal firms and workers into consultation and decision-making processes.
  • We collaborate with our partners to enhance the contribution of investment to pro-poor growth (i.e. increase the impact of growth on poverty reduction) by makinglabor, land and other markets work better for the poor, tacklingconstraints to women’s entrepreneurship, reducing barriers toformalization, promoting environmental sustainability,expanding access to knowledge and technology and unleashingthe economic potential in rural areas.

Services for a socially sustainable community development

SwIdeas is privileged to have an outstanding team of consultants specialized in the issues of Youth, Development, Gender, Non-Violence, Reform and Transition. We collaborate with governmental agencies, intergovernmental organizations and civil society actors to build vibrant and good governed societies. We collaborate with our partners on consolidating policies to support bold and innovative solutions that address root causes and advance a desired change. Our contribution is to give a hand; strengthen the rule of law; respect human rights, richness in cultural diversity and diversity of opinions. We provide advisory services, develop, and implement initiatives to advance education and reform for better tomorrow.