The Creative Entrepreneuralism Runway

Who we are...

CER is a web-based platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and aspirants to the Creative Industries. The growing diversity that is currently available in Europe is a very rich resource. If it is well-structured, organized and guided, it can make the Creative Industries an even more important path for economic growth, job creation, innovation and inclusion. We believe that through sharing and collaboration, we can create an open space for everyone to discuss, advance and be inspired by creativity and entrepreneurship. Here you can find tools, articles and inspiration in these fields. This space allow us to work together towards a sustainable society and entrepreneurial collaborations.

CER is the result of the collaborative project ”Diversity in the Creative Industries”. Originally started in cooperation with 2 other organizations, CER is now managed by SwIdeas. Diversity in the Creative Industries aimed to improve young people's, access to professional networks, improve career-oriented capacities, competences and opportunities for young talents within the creative industries. This two year project was funded by the Erasmus+ programme within the EU’s Strategic Framework Horizon 2020.

CER represents SwIdeas efforts to address 5 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

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Quality Education is the stepping stone for sustainable development and better lives. Educating people in the Creative Industries is a means to opportunities, talent stimulation, employment and self fulfillment.


470 million jobs are needed globally for new entrants to the labor market between 2016 and 2030. The Creative Industries are one of the fastest growing segments in Europe and have tremendous potentials for becoming one of the main paths for Decent Work and Economic Growth worldwide.


The richest 10 % earns 40 % of total global income. Creating greater work opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged groups, works towards Reduced Inequalities and is a proven path to social inclusion'


Extreme poverty is often concentrated in urban spaces. Sustainable Cities and Communities implies that citizens have access to jobs, many of which can be found or created within the Creative Industries.


Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved through partnership and cooperation. The Creative Entrepreneurship Runway is a platform for the entrepreneurs, professionals and aspirants of the Creative Industry to meet and create the Partnerships for the Goals.