Who We Are

SwIdeas is an entrepreneurial multi-cultural organization bridging and partner in collaboration with Small scale enterprises and NGO’s within start-up, trade, international development, social development and advisory services. We are a globally aspired, yet regionally rooted organization incorporated in Sweden. We possess an extensive portfolio of professional services carried out by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. SwIdeas is a cross-border company working globally and focussing on the MEA (The Middle East & Africa) regions as well as Europe.

The crux of SwIdeas diligence is based on Sustainability, well-versed to innovation, dedication, efficiency, and accountability with a smart grasp of the requirements of our clients. We set the bar high to bring results, and strive to deliver distinctive and lasting client impact.

Our Values

SwIdeas is a value-driven organisation. We believe in sustainability, diversity, collaboration and added-value. When working with clients and partners, our aim is to support those who provide value not only for themselves, but also for their societies and communities, and to empower business owners and organisations to do so.


Climate change is the one biggest challenges of our time. The environmental threats that we face will affect every aspect of our lives and of our children’s lives. Hence, climate change awareness has to be part of all our activities, too. It’s as simple as that.


Too many businesses are driven – and promoted – as individualistic and competitive organisations. Already at business school, young people learn to compete instead of cooperate. We think that is a short-term way of thinking! Our trainings and services for businesses promote collaboration and moving towards a circular economic. We have a broad national and international network of organisations with great experience in business collaboration, and we want to achieve peer-to-peer collaboration between start-ups in Sweden and abroad.


SwIdeas is diversity. We are a diverse group of people, and we know that a diverse set of people brings a diverse set of ideas. Diversity means richness, and we want to encourage all our partners and clients to enrich their organisations by prioritizing diversity. We do that through promoting diversity, developing diversity practices and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Community Engagement

As much as we believe in ecological sustainability, we also believe in social sustainability. For social projects to be sustainable and have a real impact, they have to be owned by their stakeholders. That is why we only take on projects that benefit groups that we are really engaged with. All our activities aim at empowering stakeholders to take action and lead change themselves, whether that be in their local community, internationally or in the business world.

Board Members:

  • - Ahmed Abdelhady
  • - Khaled Atta
  • - Emily Hanna
  • - Johanna Winroth
  • - Chris Steele
  • - Abdallah Sobeih